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Why You Want to List Your Home During the Holidays

Are you looking to sell your home during the winter months but worried about it sitting on the market for too long? You’re not alone, many sellers tend to shy away from listing their homes on the market during the cold months and particularly during the holiday season. We here at BN Realty use other seller’s reluctance to our advantage! Limited inventory and motivated buyers create a very strong seller’s market. Let us explain why we WANT to sell your home this holiday season.

1. The perception of winter being a bad time to sell will drive many people away from listing their homes until spring. Less competition means that your home may be the only one in your area to fit the needs of buyers, potentially even bringing about a sellers dream – multiple offers!

2. Buyers that are not on a deadline to move tend to stop searching during the winter months, but the rest of the buyers that continue to browse the market are serious shoppers! With motivated buyers you are much more likely to come to a selling price that is fair to both parties and hopefully a no hassle closing process.

3. There’s something about a home being beautifully decorated for the holidays that draws people in. Now we must caution of course against silly or tacky decorations, but tasteful decorating is certain to be pleasing to any buyer. Imagine the way a family’s eyes will light up as they walk into your home and feel the warmth and smell the subtle cinnamon pine cones or apple pie scent while seeing the stunning Christmas tree shining with garland and sparkling lights. Buyers leaving your home will remember how inviting your home felt and are certain to picture themselves there celebrating their first holiday in their new home!

4. Holiday festivities around your neighborhood can help sell your home! This is especially true if a family with young children are your target buyers. If you live close to Uptown Normal or Downtown Bloomington, we will make sure that buyers know about all the holiday fun that awaits them just steps from their potential new home.

5. While some realtors tend to take a break from selling during the holidays, we promise that we will continue to work hard to sell your home for top dollar. We want to be able to provide the best Christmas gift of all, a big SOLD sign in front of your home!

Please call BN Realty at Keller Williams TODAY to set up a meeting with one of our agents. Our office phone number is 309-319-6030. We look forward to discussing more why we want to sell your home this holiday season!

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