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Why Didn’t My House Sell?

How to sell your homeOne of the questions that we here at BN Realty often get asked is “Why didn’t my house sell the first time?” Having your home sitting on the market with little or no interest can be frustrating to any seller. Whether your home has been listed for sale for 6 weeks or 6 months, there are several keys to a great sale. We would like to share our list of the top 5 reasons that most homes don’t sell, in hopes that our clients can avoid this situation altogether!

1. Price is the number one reason that homes don’t sell! It may seem pretty obvious but we will explain why pricing your home right from the beginning is the best way to sell it. Regardless of almost every other tip that you can find for a quick home sale, if a home is over-priced it will almost certainly sit on the market and become a stale listing. Many buyers will move along in their home search if your asking price is above a realistic range. The listing price should be based on the neighborhood, home type, comparable homes, and the current trend of the market. These factors should all be considered by your realtor when determining your initial asking price. It is important to remember that when looking at comparable homes, you should look at the overall asking price and the price per square foot. A desirable asking price will bring many prospective buyers to your home and hopefully will get you a quick offer.

2. The condition of the home can be almost as important as the listing price. Put yourself in the shoes of a prospective buyer. They will be examining every small detail of the home from the floor to the ceiling. If they find stained carpet, rusted pipes, leaky faucets, water damage, broken cabinets, old appliances or any other shows of wear and tear, they will automatically see dollar signs on top of the sale price of the home. You want to keep up with maintenance and fix and issues before listing your home. Making it move in ready will allow buyers to see themselves in the home and potentially make it more desirable to them.

3. Choosing your home is a business decision, so if you decide to pick your realtor without asking some important questions, you’re asking for trouble. The realtor should have a plan for how they’re going to sell your home. You can find out how they plan to advertise your home, if they have clients currently searching for a home like yours, how they will hold open houses, and their past success with home sales. Setting up a good interview before deciding on your realtor should be at the top of your to do list as a seller.

4. Curb appeal is a huge part of making a great first impression. A well-kept home from the outside typically signals to a buyer that the inside of the home will also be in good condition. You may find that with great curb appeal that buyers will NEED to set up a showing to see everything else that a house has to offer. Make sure that your landscaping has been updated and is attractive, the outside of the home and the sidewalks and porch have been power washed, and that there is not clutter in the front yard. If there is a fence, make sure that it is in good condition and also has been pressure washed recently.

5. Getting professional, high quality photographs of the home is more important than ever for today’s buyer. Most buyers search online for their prospective homes before they even call their realtor. They use their phones, tablets, and computers to browse pictures of homes in their price range and then decide if they want to see the home in person. High quality photos that highlight the features of your home will be the first step of making someone fall in love with your home.

Just because your home did not sell the first time does not mean that we can’t find you the right buyer! Following these 5 tips will help almost any home sell. If you are at the beginning stages of selling your home or if you’ve already tried and failed, we want you to call us right away! Selling your home will be our number one priority and we can’t wait to show you why the team at BN Realty is the right choice for you. Call the BN Realty Team today for all your real estate needs 309-319-6030.

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