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Top 10 Most Desirable Cities in the United States

Sagaponack, NYWe here at BN Realty want to have a little fun with our readers today! We recently came across an interesting article about real estate across the country. CNBC released the top 10 most desirable zip codes in the US. You might be just as surprised as we were to learn what the priciest of areas are – and just how much your annual income has to be to consider owning property there. Let’s just say that we know most people dream of owning a home on the beach; but many may not know that the number one on our list is an affluent beachfront town located in the Hamptons area of Long Island, New York that requires an annual income of over $850,000!
Maybe you have some sort of guesses as to what cities might make the top 10 (We’d bet that Beverly Hills is what probably comes to mind first for a lot of people) – or maybe you have no idea at all! Chances are that you may start to get some major home envy if you start looking up some of the properties in any of the following areas:
1. Sagaponack, New York: $853,738
2. Beverly Hills, California: $692,388
3. Alpine, New Jersey: $499,244
4. Fisher Island, Florida: $452,630
5. Aspen, Colorado: $380,590
6. Sea Island, Georgia: $354,366
7. Greenwich, Connecticut: $343,126
8. Nantucket, Massachusetts: $331,558
9. Sullivans Island, South Carolina: $296,354
10. Honolulu, Hawaii: $288,004

So how did they figure this out? The study looked at local home values and the cost of living. That includes groceries, transportation, healthcare costs and utilities in each area. They followed the “50-30-20 rule” and assumed that half of the income would be spent on necessities, 20 percent put towards savings and 30 percent would be left for other spending.
We’re dying to know if any of our readers have visited the above areas! Let us know what your impressions were or if there is somewhere else that you think should be included in the list!

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