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Our Favorite Back to School Tips for Parents

Back to SchoolIt’s that time of year again that most children hate and that some parents (secretly) may celebrate – BACK TO SCHOOL TIME! Every year it seems to sneak up on us and catch us by surprise, but inevitably it keeps coming back around in August. Whether you feel prepared or not, we want to share with you our favorite back to school tips for all parents!

1. Meet the new teacher – One of the biggest concerns of starting school is whether your kid will like their new teacher. Use the open house or back to school nights to meet the teacher! Sometimes it’s as simple as just breaking the ice to make them feel comfortable so we highly recommend doing that!

2. Connect with friends – Starting school is much more fun when there are familiar faces in the classroom. Talk to parents of your child’s friends and find out who is in class together. Schedule some play dates or even a carpool group!

3. Get supplies ready – We all know that there are basics on the school supply list every year. While it’s important to get those, we also think it’s more fun for the kids when they get to pick out a couple of splurges. Let them get a sparkly notebook or some fun colored pens to pack in their bag. They will feel prepared and excited to show off to their friends!

4. Chat about plans & events with the whole family – Don’t underestimate the power of using a calendar or dry erase board somewhere in your home for all important dates and events! Tell the children what it means when you write something on there so there are no surprises when a change in the “norm” pops up. When everyone (even mom and dad) are on the same page, there’s no second guessing when and where everyone needs to be on a certain day.

5. Ease into the routine – Anytime there’s a change in routine there tends to be some sort of stress involved. Try your best to avoid the mayhem by practicing and getting into your school routine about a week in advance. You’ve got to do it all! Set the alarm clock, go through all of the morning rituals and make sure everyone gets into the car ON TIME. Use the reward system if needed but assure the kiddos that getting into a routine early will make it smoother for everyone on day 1.

We hope that at least a couple of these help your back to school transition go smoothly for the entire family! Let us know if you have any other tips to share with our readers!

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