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Meeting Your New Neighbors

Meeting your neighborsMost of us can agree that one of the keys to loving your new home is how you feel about your community and your neighbors. Even if you own the most beautiful house on the block, it certainly won’t feel like home until you’re comfortable and happy in your surroundings. One of the best ways to become friendly with your neighbors is to introduce yourself and start getting to know everyone! The team at BN Realty wants to share five of our favorite ways to introduce yourself after you’ve moved into your new home.

  1. Throw a house warming party! We know that in the days and sometimes weeks following a move there usually is a mess that comes along with unpacking, but guess what – your neighbors know that too! They will certainly understand if there are boxes in some of the rooms or decorations waiting to be hung. Don’t let the clutter prevent you from taking the first step and hosting a little get together. If the weather cooperates, you can even take the party outside! Have a driveway, porch or backyard party instead. Busy or shy neighbors will be much more inclined to stop by for a moment to meet you if the party is already outside and easily accessible. It doesn’t need to be elaborate; simply drinks and appetizers work wonders! Once the conversations start flowing, you’ll be more comfortable and begin to feel like you’re part of the group.
  2. Start looking for connections or finding things that you have in common with the neighbors. Do you both have families around the same age? Are you both baseball fans? Do you have dogs? Do you enjoy gardening? There are so many different connections that you can make if you take the time to look. Bonding over what you have in common will open the door to getting to know each other and striking up a friendship.
  3. Deliver a “hello” card or a small gift! Ideally you would give this to your neighbors in person, but if busy schedules don’t allow that – just drop it in the mailbox. Holiday times are a perfect excuse for a card or a themed gift, however if that doesn’t fit in your situation we urge you to get creative. Place a card with a little bit about yourself and your contact information on a bag of popcorn or Movie Theater candy to give a movie night, ingredients for s’mores in the summertime, or even a little stocking around the holidays. If you’re moving from somewhere further away, giving a favorite candy, beer or wine that came from your old city would be a great conversation starter.
  4. Get outside as much as possible and wave to everyone walking or driving by. Such a simple gesture shows that you’re friendly and approachable.  Utilize the same idea when you’re on a walk and see other people outside. Wave and say hi! We promise it will pay off!
  5. Get involved in your community! Maybe they’re hosting a neighborhood garage sale or the neighbor’s daughter is selling Girl Scout Cookies, either way there is likely SOMETHING that you can get involved with. Putting yourself out there as much as possible is the absolute best way to meet your neighbors and give you a chance to introduce yourself.

Everyone at BN Realty looks forward hearing about how much our buyers love their new home, but we also love hearing about how much their families are enjoying their new community! Nothing brings a bigger smile to our faces than success stories from our clients. Keep this in mind; we are the experts on local homes AND the neighborhoods in which they are found.  Can come to us with questions about your new community or neighborhood and we will happily give information. Call us right away and let us know what we can do for you.  We can be reached at 309-319-6030.

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