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Mackinaw | Rural Living Central IL

mackinaw IlMackinaw, Illinois is a small town located outside of Bloomington-Normal. About 40 minutes West, it is considered to be in the Peoria metro area. According to the 2010 census, the population is approximately 1,950 with a median age of 35. With a small town feel near big city amenities, Mackinaw is an outstanding choice to raise a family in. The school system is shared with the neighboring community of Deer Creek. Here’s the website for the school district, Deer Creek – Mackinaw CUSD 701. Kindergarten through 3rd grade and 7th & 8th grade attend the Dee-Mack Primary/Junior High School in Mackinaw. Children in grades 4th through 6th attend the Dee-Mack Intermediate School in Deer Creek. The high school students attend Dee-Mack High School in Mackinaw. This prime location near both Bloomington and Peoria present many options for college education at both large and small universities and colleges. Choices include: Bradley University, Eureka College, Heartland Community College, Illinois Central College, Illinois State University, Lincoln Christian University, Lincoln College, Midstate College, Robert Morris College, and Spoon River College.

Mackinaw is best known for a few of their beautiful outdoor attractions. Heritage Lake is located about 1 mile outside of Mackinaw and is used as home to a subdivision as well as a recreational area. In addition to the lake, you can also find Mackinaw River and its Fish & Wildlife area. There is opportunity for fishing, hunting, canoeing, hiking, bird watching and much more! Visit the Illinois Department of Natural Resources website for more information. Mackinaw is also home to 3 picturesque parks: Westwood Park, Veterans Park, and Brock Lake. They offer playgrounds, a butterfly garden, stunning scenery, baseball diamonds, soccer fields, picnic tables, and pavilions. One of the popular attractions in town is the Mackinaw Valley Vineyard & Winery. Make sure you check out all the different events that they host like Trivia Game nights and Murder Mystery Dinners.

We could go on and on about all Mackinaw has to offer, but the most important part of our guide is about the homes! There are perfect family homes for a great deal in cute subdivisions or larger homes with the space to live in the country on multi-acre lots. Such a variety truly offers something for any buyer. There are also various lots for sale near Heritage Lake. We can already picture the beautiful lake house that can be built there! As your go to real estate professional for Mackinaw and the surrounding areas, the agents at BN Realty are prepared to show you all of the options for your next home.

With all of the requests we’ve been getting to see the town of Mackinaw, it’s safe to say that this is becoming a popular area just outside of Bloomington. Be the first one on our list and allow us to show you why there has been so much interest and why Mackinaw is a must see if you like the idea of living in a small town! Call us right away to set up a meeting at 309-319-6030!

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