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Listing Your Home in the Autumn

autumn-houseWe hear from clients a lot of times that they want to list their homes for sale in the springtime because it’s a hot market. While this is true – we want to quickly discourage any belief that you can’t sell your home in the fall months! It is usually the second hottest time of year to sell. Families are settling back in from their summer activities and we haven’t quite reached the holidays yet. There is certainly a window of time that we tend to see growth in the market and we want you to take advantage of that!

You may have noticed an increase of For Sale signs showing up in your neighborhood… but may be wondering what some of our favorite tips for a successful listing are. Don’t worry, BN Realty has you covered!

• Tidy up your yard: This may seem pretty straightforward but as the leaves begin to change and there is debris falling from trees and bushes, it can be easy to overlook these as “the norm.” Pay close attention to entrance, walkways and windows. Don’t underestimate the power of allowing the natural sunlight to showcase your home!

• Autumn curb appeal is a must: We tend to see a lot of fall flowers planted in either pots or baskets located on the porches or front steps. Think colorful and also consider adding pumpkins or squash for an inexpensive facelift.

• Don’t forget the windows: Sometimes sellers tend to overlook the dust and streaks on windows from the weather outside. Make sure to clean them routinely and if you have pets who leave nose prints on the inside – wipe those down daily!

• Check the HVAC: Do you know the last time your furnace filter was changed? Something so small can make a huge difference when you want your home to smell fresh. The system should always be checked before using the furnace in the winter anyways, and it will be easier to fix any problems now before an inspector finds them.

• Turn on the lights: As the days get shorter, the sun sets lower in the horizon and casts wider shadows. Pull up the blinds, open shutters and push back the drapes! Turn lights on and make sure dark spaces are lit.

• Accent your home with fall colors: This doesn’t have to be complicated! Use reds, oranges or golden yellows for pillows or quilts over your furniture. Bonus points if you use the colors in a centerpiece on your dining room table and throw in some pine cones and nuts!

If you’re considering listing your home for sale this fall – we highly recommend utilizing these tips and giving us a call right away to get started! Let us show you our plan to sell your home this fall! Call us today at 309-319-6030.

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