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Giving Back This Season

Holiday SeasonEvery year around the holidays we like to spotlight local non-profits and highlight the different ways to give back to our community. Before we do that, we thought it would be fun to share with you some other ways to give back that you may not have thought of before! Some of them may seem small but I promise that they can make the world of difference to someone. There are a number of retailers that donate items or money every time a purchase is made – which sounds like a perfect reason to check them out during your shopping this year!

1. Twice As Warm: if you need hats, gloves or scarves – visit their website! They will donate one of their own matching items to a family in need.
2. Bombas: a comfy pair of socks comes with an antimicrobial treatment, reinforced seams AND an extra pair for the homeless with every purchase.
3. This Bar Saves Lives: a delicious, gluten free, non GMO snack bar sounds like a winning combination already, right? Well to make it even better, every one purchased results in a donated nutrition packet to help fight malnutrition around the world.
4. RomaBoots: these rain boots were created with a mission! Every purchase in the US sends another pair of rain boots to a child living in poverty.
5. MAC’s Viva Glam: a cosmetic line that is helping make donations to the MAC AIDS fund by donating 100% of the profits from these purchases.
6. BOBS from Skechers: purchases from this shoe collection help fund donations to no-kill animal shelters.
7. Cuddle+Kind: these insanely soft and huggable stuffed dolls are not only adorable but also help battle child starvation across the world.
8. Cookies for Kids Cancer: created by two parents looking to help fund research for pediatric cancer; if you have a sweet tooth – we recommend considering purchasing a dozen cookies. Bonus! The purchase is tax deductible!

We can’t say enough how much we enjoy giving back not only around the holidays, but throughout the year. Make sure you check back to our blog for more ideas and inspiration about how you can help too!

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