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DIY Quick Halloween Costume Ideas

Costume IdeasAre you one of the “less creative” type of people when it comes to Halloween costumes? Torn between wanting something fun and easy to put together without spending a ton of money? Me too! Here’s a list of some of the top DIY Costumes of 2018 just in case you’re still looking for ideas for next week! Whether it’s an office party or strolling around the neighborhood, it IS possible to find something Pinterest-worthy!

1. Cactus costume! Chances are you might already have a green shirt or dress at home for this one. You’ll need multi colored yarn to pin to the dress for the thorns and some more to make the flowers. Place them on the sleeves and on a headband and you’re done!

2. Holy Guacamole – this one takes the avocado craze to the next level in such a unique way! You’ll need a green T-shirt, printed out avocado emojis, angel wings and a halo. Put the printouts on your shirt, wear your wings and halo proudly, and that’s it!

3. Smart Cookie – find your old cap and gown, grab some cookie stickers and you’ve got the easiest costume yet!

4. Looking for a group costume? Grab your girlfriends and dress up as the Spice Girls… literally! Get a red apron, red hat and large printouts of spices from cumin to cinnamon and everything in between!

5. Who doesn’t love a good family costume? I’m obsessed with the idea of the Bubble Bath costume! Dad – grab your robe, flip flops and a rubber ducky. Mom gets to carry a Styrofoam cooler filled with clear balloons and the BABY DRESSED AS A LOOFAH! Find the bubble bath costume tutorial here.

6. 50 Shades of Grey – no, not THAT one. This is simple! Grab a black t-shirt and tape some gray paint color swatches from your local hardware store.

7. Pineapple Costume – Whether you live in a tropical place or just wish you did – you will light up any room with this. Grab a yellow dress or t-shirt, a pair of sunglasses and some green poster board cut into a crown!

8. Who doesn’t love Ice Cream? Simple and chic… just throw on a white dress, brown hat and some multi-color Popsicle sticks to add to the dress for sprinkles! Bonus points for a red cherry on top!

9. Ready to see the cutest little cupcake in town? Glue some multi-color pom poms to a white shirt and then throw on a little pink tutu and your little girl will be the sweetest around.

10. Another favorite for the kiddos is to dress them as Planets! Attach some gold stars to a t-shirt, and tie some hula hoops around their waist. You can even add a plastic airplane for fun!

Do you have any other ideas for quick, simple and creative costumes? Send us a picture and tell us all about it! We here at BN Realty want to wish everyone a happy and safe Halloween!

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